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Tiby Mozes, environmental consultant

Dr Tiby Mozes holds two degrees (BSc and MSc) in Chemical Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, and a PhD from the University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa, in the field of industrial waste management.

He is an IMD graduate in Strategic Alliances (Laus-Switzerland), a Professional Engineer, a member of the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers and the Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa and a Fellow of the Water Institute of Southern Africa.

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Environmental Due Diligence
Environmental Due Diligence

In the area of environmental consultancy, TMC ENVIRONMENTAL has been extensively involved with environmental due diligence studies, in particular for the capital private equity divisions of financial institutions. The purpose of each of these environmental due diligence studies was invariably to produce a final report....                                                                                         More on Env Due Diligence >>>
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Impact Assessment

In the area of environmental consultancy, TMC ENVIRONMENTAL has carried out numerous environmental impact assessments in the petrochemical industry, becoming principal consultants to the Rose Foundation. The environmental assessment.....

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Waste Management Solutions
Solid Waste Management

The TMC ENVIRONMENTAL waste management consultancy team provides access to almost 30 years of professional expertise regarding projects involving industrial waste management, including hazardous and toxic wastes, and municipal waste management......

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Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer

TMC ENVIRONMENTAL has been involved over the years with the transfer of technologies into South Africa, with particular regard to industrial plants and processes and/or the environmental arena. In this regard, TMC ENVIRONMENTAL was instrumental in the......

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Strategic Business Consultancy
Strategic Business Solutions

TMC ENVIRONMENTAL provides a unique range of specialist contractual business strategy consultancy services to international companies and multi-consultancies, local private sector companies and public sector organisations......

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Environmental Training Modules
Environmental Training Modules

As part of TMC ENVIRONMENTAL, Dr Tiby Mozes has been involved with helping to guide government with their internal training modules in the environmental field, as part of advisory meetings of the South African......

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